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Health + Safety


Everyone's favorite - health and safety! Few things to consider:


- HYDRATION, HYDRATION, HYDRATION. We train in the peak heat of the day - it is merciless to your body. Remember to drink a lot of water (iced water is provided), or even better, some salts. The one that has been working well for many is called NUUN and you can find it on iHERB, but other salts should be fine too. If you feel dizzy, take your water break.


- how to survive the heat. HYDRATION. Other than that, generously plaster sunscreen on all exposed areas and consider wearing a visor or a hat. It does make a difference and looks oh so stylish! Sunglasses are not encouraged - they will likely break in contact with a ball (or also with an elbow) and can do some damage.


-Gum Shields. Gum shields are compulsory at all tournaments. It is best to get used to wearing them at the trainings, plus dental work in Singapore is rather expensive… You can buy gum shields in any good sport shop, but the most comfortable are the custom made ones. Expat Dental does them at a fraction of what other places charge if it is your first visit over there.


- If anything feels off leave the pitch and rest. This applies especially after a collision or whenever you received a blow in the head. Although ladies football is a non-contact sport we have had some concussions in the past too.The symptoms might be mild at the start or delayed altogether, but it is critical that such a player does not continue playing as she/he is at an increased risk of a second concussion, which means months of recovery. Look after your lovely heads!


- defibrillator and first aid kit. We want to make sure we have all we need for the first aid at hand at each session. We also would like to update our list of qualified first aiders and those trained in the use of a defibrillator.


- We will be collecting emergency contacts through ClubZap on the membership form. Make sure that your emergency contact is responsive and knows your health history, especially when it comes to cardiovascular diseases and any previous concussions (how many, when was the last one, what was the recovery like)


- Have Insurance. SGL membership does not include an insurance, so make sure you have your own that covers amateur sports - most likely you have it through work already. You will also need a travel insurance for all of the SGL tours. AXA insurance and World Nomads Travel Insurance are used by many, but make sure you check if those ones, or any other, cover your needs


- Hangover - train or not? We love how dedicated SGL players are to train after having few drinks the night before, but sometimes it actually is better to stay snugged in bed and have that full Irish breakfast instead. When you are hangover you are dehydrated and it makes it harder on your body to take on the heat, the sun and all the running. Sometimes it is not worth it, listen to your body!


If you have any questions/suggestions, let us know.

Contact the Health and Safety Officers.

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